The children of “Armenia”

1st of June: this date is important for children for it marks not only the beginning of their favorite season, but also International Day for Protection of Children (Children’s Day).  

Armenians, who dote on their children, celebrate this day with a special enthusiasm. On the 1st of June all the streets and parks of the country are full of children. Cultural events, games, concerts are organized for them. Yerevan becomes a big colorful playground where they may sing, dance and even take part in the coloring of Liberty Square. The whole city is bathed in unique love and warmth…

To understand where and how this day became a real holiday, I should make a short historical overview: at the beginning of the past century, the Consul General of China gathered children who had lost their parents and relatives and organized a feast for them in San Francisco. On the same day, a conference took place in Geneva relating to the challenges of the most vulnerable group of the society, the children. An idea was born out of these two events: to create a festival for children. Today in many countries of the world, the 1st of June is celebrated as International Day for Protection of Children.

Five boys and two girls were born in the families of the employees of Air company Armenia. We congratulate them and all the children in the world on the international holiday, wishing a carefree and colorful childhood…


Author: Nelli Kostandyan

Photographer: Vaghinak Ghazaryan