A nontraditional photo story about a legend:  Do you believe it too?

Despite the fact that the Armenians who are in love don’t ignore Saint Valentine’s Day, the Armenian Apostolic Church has a movable holiday of Saint Sargis ‒ the captain, who is considered the patron saint of loving couples. Although the holiday has a lot of traditions, the most famous is “aghi blit” (salty patty).  According to legend, young single people eat a salty patty cooked by a happily married woman and get thirsty at night. They need to endure thirst, because the beloved one is to visit them in their dream and give them a glass of water: thus the one who brings water to quench the thirst is deemed to be the future husband or wife. If nobody brings you water in your dream, then you’ll stay single for another year: I don’t contend though, the legend does.

The nontraditional photo story tells about this legend. The heroine of our photo story has a bright  imagination and great luck. See the wonderful knight from her dream. He doesn’t have a glass of water in his hands? So what? Maybe our heroine is so taken up with her thoughs about the ideal knight that she has forgotten to imagine a glass of water in his hands, what's more important is that there's even a white horse. However, I have nothing to do with somebody else's dreams: it's time for me to eat my salty patty and go to bed.

Nelly's thoughts

In a leather jacket, tall, stylish, with a nice haircut… Someone like actor Vahe Ziroyan or Ziroyan himself. Why not? And most importantly, on a white horse.

Ziroyan's thoughts

There're still several dreams I need to visit. I hope I'll be able to drop by home before that.

Where are we? I have forgotten the water in the last dream. OK, I'll go and take it before passing to the next one.

Shall I leave this girl thirsty now… ?

This much about our photo story… Whether the heroine received her water or not will be left unrevealed.

P.S. As you have already understood, the stylish knight of our photo story is actor Vahe Ziroyan and the heroine is Nelly Kostandyan, PR specialist of Air company “Armenia”. 

It's difficult to say in how many girls' dreams Ziroyan will appear, but the actor himself doesn't believe in the legend, although he has once eatten the salty patty with a strong belief, he hasn't dreamt of anything.

Author: Zara Ghazaryan

Photos by Vaghinak Ghazaryan