10 points: What should be done in Voronezh

We’ll forget about the passionate Flamenco and the bright night life in Spain, the sunny beaches and warm sea countries. We’ll forget Egypt, where one of the Seven Wonders of the world- the Great Pyramid of Giza is preserved and Czech Republic, known to the world with its bear and go to Voronezh.

I’ll try to represent my adventures in Voronezh in 10 points.

I participated in the international airport open doors event in Voronezh. A big event which is accompanied by different events. The visitors were welcomed by the dropping air balloons with flags and then the avia-show began. Different air tricks that didn’t leave indifferent any of the participants.  A parade of special aircrafts, an excursion realized in the plane which had such a long queue that it seemed to me for a moment that Mona Liza’s portrait was being shown there.

The entertainment went on in the surroundings of the airport as well: handmade tables, souvenirs, sweet cotton, an opportunity to get a caricature, the tables of companies, representing the air market.

2. I took a picture in front of the monument “ the Kitten from the Lizyukov street”. In the Lizyokov street of Voronezh a cat named Vasiliy lives who is always running from dogs. Its dream is to become a beast from whom everyone would be scared of. In this question the raven helps it. Vasya appears in Africa in the form of a hippopotamus… By the way the souvenirs with the cartoon’s characters are sold everywhere in Voronezh.

3. I sat on a healing chair № 0001.On sitting, a smile would appear on your face. And if we believe in the legend, the chair heals peoples’ greed.

4. I visited the boat-museum. On appearing in Voronezh, every person you meet, will advice you to visit this place on your way. You will meet Tsar Peter in the boat. You will see 773  samples prepared for the presentation presented in the sailors’ lies of 18th century. Portraits, coins, table accessories, clothes of the same age: mainly, they are the copies of the originals.

5. I sang with the Russian grannies. The most memorable part of the travel to Bolshaya Privalovka was the visit to the village. Russian grannies, national clothes, an accordion, Russian pies. A pink drink, replacing the bread with salt, that is a love cure according to me, a glass of which made me dance and sing Russian national songs and the second one teach Armenian songs and dance.

6. I sailed in Voronezh river. One of the most impressive parts of the traveling was sailing in Boronezh river. Water lilies everywhere, a heavenly beauty, 2 hours’ sailing, endless positive vibes were everywhere.

7. I learn that the Russian writer, poet Ivan Bunin was born in Voronezh. Of course, he had only lived  there for 2.5 years, but it doesn’t keep the locals from mentioning his name. He has been the first Russian writers to receive a Nobel prize, but as the Voronezh people say, the place has given talented people, because there are three Nobel prize winners in the history of Voronezh.

8. The Oldenburg palace. The palace stands steel since 1883. Of course some parts of it have been  crashed in time, some of them have been restored. It turns out that the inhabitants of the palace have been the founders of the first sweets factory in Russia. What is interesting is that special devices for sells were being used for those times. The candies for women had a special package of a fashion  theme, the men’s had a hunting theme, the children’s had a childish package and because the packing of the candies weren’t repeated, the papers very fast became collections.

9. I tasted the local bear, honey and sausage. On getting out of the airport, if you ask “What shall I taste?”,- you will hear these three things.

10․ I went shopping. If I’m asked why one should visit Voronezh, the first thing that comes to my mind that there are affordable prices everywhere. Everything here is cheap: the food, the entertainment, the living.

Well, if Voronezh interests you, you should visit the  “Armenia” air-company’s office. Two flights per week are realized to Voronezh. You just need to check a convenient day for you and go to Voronezh to chase after your adventures.  

The material by Lilith Khachaturyan