ATTENTION! Starting from 30.03.2024, payments with Russian MIR cards will no longer be accepted. Please be advised that as of 03/30/2024, Air Dilijans will no longer be able to accept MIR cards both online on our website and app, as well as at our offices. Read more

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The “Sun-Seasoned” Cuisine of Armenia

Those who have been in Armenia at least once, must have known about the delicious and hospitable Armenian cuisine, and those who have never visited Armenia must have at least heard about it. My dear reader, I am going to tell you that besides being tasty, our cuisine is also very beautiful. And the Armenian […]

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Sevan-color Morning

The summer,  soft tropical breeze  slipped over the deep waters of the latent Sevan in the darkness, then it became cool as an awakening kiss and touched the fishman’s newly awaken face. The sleep fled immediately from his eyes. The fishman  untied the boat from the shore,  threw the net and the nipple into the […]

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