“Armenia Aircompany” LLC will be renamed to “AIR DILIJANS” LLC

“Armenia Aircompany” LLC will be renamed to “AIR DILIJANS” LLC

Dear passengers and partners of the “Armenia Aircompany” LLC

We want to inform you that the “Armenia Aircompany” LLC will be renamed to “AIR DILIJANS”.

Throughout its existence (for more than 7 years) “Armenia Aircompany” LLC has been acknowledged for safe flights and an excellent level of service on board by its passengers.

Considering that there are a number of existing companies with similar names in the Republic of Armenia, “Armenia Aircompany” LLC is compelled to change its name in order to avoid misleading its passengers. This decision was made in accordance with the interests of our clients in order to save time and provide comfort along with the purchased service.

Please note that any other details regarding the company remain the same.

Tickets purchased prior to the renaming of “Armenia Aircompany” LLC will remain valid without requiring any changes.

We warmly welcome all the passengers with “Armenia Aircompany” LLC tickets on board of “AIR DILIJANS”.

Have a safe flight!

23.11.2018 - Air-company “Armenia” goes on surprising its passengers by unprecedented “Black Friday” sales

On 23rd of November there was a huge queue of passengers  in the head office of the air-company “Armenia”  from the early morning. “Armenia” had joined the famous international “Black Friday”  shopping day, offering its passengers a big sale of more than 70 % for the Russian and European directions two-way air-tickets.

18.08.2019 - Air-Company “Armenia” Talks about Interesting Things: From a Large Aviation Exhibition to a Fairy Tale in a Small Village

To the already established tradition of holding the annual air show at the Voronezh airport, a new one was added - the active participation of air-company “Armenia”  in it. For residents of Voronezh and partner air-companies, this is a real feast in which both tourists and local residents take part enthusiastically.

15.09.2018 - An Interview with the deputy director of “Armenia” air-company Gevorg Khachatryan

Beginning from the 28th of October, 2018, the air-company “Armenia” is shifting to the new- winter timetable, offering more affordable and cheaper prices to its passengers. All of this and not only was presented to us by the deputy director of “Armenia” air-company Gevorg Khachatryan in our talk.  

10.04.2017 - Conquering new destinations : Armenian carrier enters Beirut

By the way, the peculiarity of the flight of “Aircompany Armenia” is an affordable ticket – about 320 USD for round trip, including 30kg of luggage and high-quality service in the airplane – hot meals, wine, beer both in business and economy classes