From the stove to the big flight

From the stove to the big flight

One is worried for her, the other misses her and all of them are waiting for her. While men are making fun of women’s logic, the women are breaking the stereotypes in the sky, water, on land and in the kitchen by combining the incompatible.

Dear men, hurry to make up counter-arguments: facts speak for themselves. From the stove to flight, from her mother’s instructions when sending to school, to the instructions given on airplane, from her family to more than a hundred of passengers. But as they say, before the big flight, let’s have a small training in the kitchen.  

Dessert with walnuts “Flight”

Cake ingredients:

Water- 200ml., flavor- 350 g., butter - 50 g, salt - 1/2 teaspoon, baking powder - 1 teaspoon

For the filling:

Crushed walnuts- 200g., raisins-100 g, honey (by taste).

The recipe is presented step by step in pictures.

Did you like it? Before writing down the recipe, go on reading the article: you want to get acquainted with the skilled chef from the photo whose steps and instructions you have possible already followed today before getting to this page of the magazine, don’t you?  You thought “How is that?”, trying to remember all the possible chefs you have ever met. I’ll hurry to disappoint you: you’re on the wrong direction, but let’s have things on their right turn. You’ll still have time to know the chef in the picture.

The heroine of the photo story in Oksana Melikyan, who manages to feed her family members before going to work like all the good housewives, to care about the house, her three children, spend time in the kitchen and even have girls’ friendly walks with her daughter… Yes, she manages even that. Why “even”? Let me explain. Every time Oksana goes to work, she cancels the geographic boundaries with the air-company “Amenia”.

“I cook the dinner and then go to the flight”.

-Oksana, being a stewardess means having an overloaded  schedule. How do you combine your household chores, spending time with your family with your work.

-Of course I am doing all the household chores myself, and all my family members are satisfied. The passengers are also satisfied, because I am getting on board with a good mood, trying to have an individual approach towards any passenger. Before going to work, I am always cooking. I make dinner and then go to the flight. 

-How do you organize your time-management to manage almost everything?

-Yes, I do manage everything, I may not take part in an event, but I have to do my household. I have it all planned and I never have issues with the lack of time.

-You gave us a recipe of a tasty dessert, I wonder what is the “recipe” for your activeness?   

-Everything should be done with love, positive mood, preplanned and one will manage everything: both at home and at work everyone will be happy with you. Our time is precious for us and we are doing everything to use it effectively.

“He is always waiting for me, regardless of the hour”.

-However you love your job, in any case it has its difficulty: which is it?

-Our job is very interesting. I have dreamt of becoming a stewardess since my childhood. I didn’t manage it for a long time, but finally I achieved my goal. You need to do your work with love, but if someone comes to work just to have a work or to name it a “stewardess”, then they will have an indescribable difficulty at work. Our work is based on the interaction with people: different people come, with different temper and you need to have an individual approach to all of them. For example, an angry passenger is getting on board whom you see for the first time, but you need to comfort him with the right attitude instead of making him even more nervous. Being a stewardess requires professional skills, one of which is being a psychologist, having the sense of responsibility. It’s hard, at the same time beautiful and interesting.

-You mentioned the professional complications, what if we look at it within the context of family and work.

-My sons have already grown up, besides boys’ character differs, but my daughter misses me a lot when I have a long flight. Regardless of the hour, she is always waiting for me: she won’t sleep, even in the dawn, she’ll close the door from inside in purpose, so that I am not able to get in without waking her up. I have to ring the bell, so that she wakes up, knows that I’m already at home, then finally go to sleep. My family flies and lands equal with me every time: one of them is worried, the other is missing and all of them are waiting.

Happy March 8.

Author: Zara Ghazaryan

Photos by: Vaghinak Ghazaryan

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The pilot with 33-years’ experience has left UAE and returned to his homeland after receiving an offer from the air company “Armenia”.  

10.12.2018 - Preparational works before flight.

The Boeing 737-500 airplane of air company ''Armenia'' is preparing for flight.

15.08.2017 - Aircompany “Armenia’s” business class passengers have 24-hour access to "Zvartnots" airport’s business lounge.

Passengers, flying from Yerevan to Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Voronezh and Mineralnye Vody have 24-hour access to "Zvartnots" airport’s business lounge.

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"Armenia" started regular flights to Beirut, Tel Aviv, Mineralnye Vody, Thessaloniki, Voronezh, Tbilisi, in keeping with the slogan “Realizing the dream”, a year later after foundation.